Overlooking Av Central in between 29th st and 31st  , this graceful neoclassical home once belonged to Jose Figueres , the Costa Rican president who abolished the army and granted womed the right to vote. In late 2009 , the hostel completed a top-to-bottom makeover that preserved the Spanish-tile floors and left the facade's decorative friezes sparkling.

Hostel Toruma is the only Hostel located on central avenue and the only one in los Yoses and San Pedro area that has a swimming pool. We are right in the middle of everything, around bars, discos, banks , supermarkets and any store you might need or desire. Right infront of TORUMA you will see KENTUKY FRIED CHICKEN the restaurant and at one side the UAM university.

Warning: On your way here please be very careful with taxi drivers that will tell you we are booked or closed in order to take you somewhere else and over charge you, if this happens just tell them to take you to Universidad UAM and that's is , we are right next to it.


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